What Is The Doulci Activator ?

Doulci Activator Free DownloadThe Doulci Activator Free Download will activate your bricked iPhone or iPad even if you “forgot” your password. This program is free and easy to use.
Regardless of what you may have heard from the savvy marketing departments of tech companies, cloud services aren’t exactly safe. That’s been made evident by the massive celebrity nude photos scandals in September of 2014 that featured many famous celebrities shown in their private moments.
It was known as the “Fappening”, and it was a raging blizzard of controversy and finger-pointing. The celebs streamed their photos and videos up to the cloud, and it rained the photos and videos down to Internet citizens because of a hacker. Apple was supposedly warned about that particular vulnerability, but they ignored the warnings.
But that wasn’t the first time that a supposedly secure cloud was breached. In fact, just a few months before, the media was trumpeting a hack of iCloud released by a couple of local hackers. The hack name was called Doulci (iCloud in reverse, if you still don’t get it) and it was big news.
Now fast forward to June of 2015, and that hack is now being released as a Doulci Activator Free Download program.
What Is It?
The Doulci Activator Free Download is simple enough to explain. In order to activate your iPhone or other apple mobile device, you need to connect to the iCloud server. But what if you forgot your login info? What happens then is that you now have a bricked iPhone which is handy as paperweight, and that’s that.

Doulci Activator Free Download In Action

With, the Doulci Activator Free Download, it’s not the end of the world anymore. The hackers named AquaXetine and MerrukTechnolog had seen to that. It took them 5 months to figure out, but they did it. You now have a way to bypass the lock feature and activate the phone again even if you forgot your login password.
Now originally, this hack wasn’t quite easy to use. You had to modify the hosts file on your PC or Mac, and then connect to iTunes. Once you run iTunes, it detects the device and then transmits an activation request. This request is then rerouted to the Doulci website, which acts as a server.
It uses a spoofing method that makes the Apple device believe that it really is connecting to a legitimate iCloud server. Of course, if the website was offline, it wouldn’t work, so you have to try again and hope that the website would be online next time.
But this time, the Doulci Activator Free Download is a vast improvement.

Doulci Activator Free Download Updated 3/14/2017

doulci activator free download

Doulci Activator Free Download Key Features

The Doulci Activator Free Download is a great tool for those who end up with a bricked iPad or iPhone. It’s always possible that you’ve been locked out of your Apple device simply because you forgot your password. That’s the problem with having a “strong” password that’s unconnected to your birthday and includes numbers, letters, and various characters.
You may have also lost access to your iTunes email account. It’s also possible that you bought the iPhone from someone, and afterwards the previous owner (out of malice, presumably) locked you out remotely.

Here are the main key features of the Doulci Activator Free Download

It unlocks a locked Apple device even if you can’t remember the password you used or you were locked out remotely by a previous owner.
Doulci Activator Free DownloadThe Doulci Activator Free Download it’s easy to download and use. There’s no need for you to be a hacker wizard at all. And you won’t have to add some special code to any file to make it work.
It doesn’t need an alternative iCloud server to work. The Doulci activator treats iTunes on your PC as the iCloud activation server. In other words, the alternate iCloud activation server is now your own computer.

This tool gets the iPhone network back up. However, as of the latest reports this is not yet a permanent feature. But the hacker duo is busy working on it, and the next versions of the Doulci activator may have this feature. A carrier fix is coming soon, so signal problems can be solved.

The Doulci Activator Free Download Will Unbrick Any Iphone Model

Doulci Activator Free DownloadThe Doulci Activator Free Download is absolutely free to download. This is not a paid service, nor is it in anyway requiring you to pony up for “advanced” features. With The Doulci Activator Free Download Everything is free.
Of course, another key feature we do need to mention is that stolen iPhones and iPads which were previously bricked will now be up and working again. There have been reports that stolen iPhones are available online with prices ranging from $50 to $150. Now these stolen Apple devices can now work, and more of them may be stolen in the future.

The Doulci Activator Free Download Pros and Cons

Doulci Activator Free DownloadThe main advantage here of the Doulci Activator Free Download program is that it works. As many testimonials and videos online have demonstrated, it really does work. As of last count, there’s an estimated 80,000 iPhones and iPads around which are now working after they’ve been bricked.
What’s more, it’s free. There have been some other ways of bypassing this security feature before, but usually it required a fee to make it work. It may cost you about $150 or so.
Even Apple offers a similar tool from the Official Apple iPhone IMEI Permanent Unlock website. You have to pay for that tool too. It’s an “official” tool, and it’s not for free.
Here with Doulci Activator Free Download, there’s no hint of a fee at all. At the most, the hackers did mention that you may feel free to donate something to them should you wish it. But it’s hardly a requirement, and it’s like a throwaway suggestion. There’s even no handy “click here” button you can click to make that donation easy to do.

Doulci Activator Free DownloadIt now also works for just about every Apple mobile device out there. It works for many iPhone units, all iPads, and all iPods. It works for the iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPhone 5S, the iPhone 6, and the iPhone 6 Plus. If it supports iOS 7 and iOS 7.1, it can be unlocked.
And finally, it’s very easy to use. You don’t have to be a tech wizard at all. There’s no need to insert lines of code, no need for special tools, and you don’t need another program. All you really need aside from your iPhone is a reliable Internet connection and a computer. And that’s that.
The main disadvantage of this program, however, is that you don’t have any guarantee that it won’t damage your iPhone or iPad. While there are many testimonials saying that it works, it’s still a possibility of disaster no matter how remote it may be. And if it does happen, you can’t complain at all, except maybe write a testimonial yourself warning the others. It may not have happened yet, but the possibility exists.
And of course, there is also the moral issue. The security feature was there so that thieves could not make use of the stolen phones. The iPhones could be locked out remotely, and there was no way to get over this security feature before. But now the thieves and the people who bought will be rewarded for their crimes. If you’re iPhone was stolen from you, now you know that the user of your stolen iPhone is enjoying or phone. It’s a bitter pill to swallow.
In fact, you can say that this security feature may have prevented a lot of thefts. After all, why would people steal iPhones they couldn’t use? No one would buy it from them, because no one could use it either.
But now with this hack, it may become open season on iPhones and iPads. After all, it can be used again regardless of the presence of the so-called security feature. Now you have to be really careful where you put your iPhones and iPads.
Of course, it may turn out that this solution may only be temporary and Apple may be able to shut it down. The hacker team did get some legal advice and were able to put up disclaimers, but of course Apple won’t give up. There may come a time when they are able to patch this security problem up, or they are able to shut down the Dutch duo for good.

How to Use Doulci Activator Free Download

First you need to download it from the website. You then start the program. You then connect your Apple device to your PC, making sure that it’s in DFU mode. Select the appropriate model of your device, and then the Doulci activator does the rest of the job. It won’t take more than half an hour—some people have had it work after just 20 minutes.
Once it’s done, the iPad or iPhone will automatically reboot. Once it’s running again, you’ll see for yourself that the iCloud Activation Lock is no more. Set your iPad or iPhone again and this time, don’t forget your password!

Seriously, the hackers did mention that it should only be used by legitimate owners. Good luck with that. For those who own an iPhone or iPad, a better warning is to take care of your Apple Device so it’s not stolen. You can no longer rely on the supposed feature that makes it useless for thieves. Thanks to the Doulci Activator Free Download, your Apple device is now a prime target.
So if you’re Apple device is locked out, currently there’s a fix. I suggest you download it and use it. There may come a time when the Doulci activator may no longer work, and you end with an expensive piece of non-working hardware.